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Just Letting it be known here as well, i have a patreon. there is no exclusive content, its just a means of commissioning me at lower rates. Its about half my Normal rates, so its quite a deal. While i do offer TF options, i also have Standard pin up options. you can get a full color full body pin up for only 15$, so if you like my character work then you should consider it.


Happy Easter From Synthex
Its a few days late, but i felt i should do something for the holiday. inspired by MadKoopas 's Recent Bunny Suit spam. This gal is Betty Bopps, A synthex agent with mild shapeshifting powers. she can't change her height, gender, or basic form, but she can do stuff like mild alterations to her body parts, and as is the case her, make her skin mold to the shape and texture of clothing. She has a strange fascination with the more erotic side of mutations, and often will change herself to satisfy her need while in her off time.
Zane Reinstar - Redstar

Name: Zane Reinstar - Redstar

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Height: 5'7”

Weight: 159 Lb

Species: Human

Birthday: September 19th

Era From: Era 1 (2030 – 2036)

Occupation: Mutant hunter

Sexuality: Straight


-years of martial arts and weapons training.

-skills maneuvering urban environments and stealth.

-plan making expert.

-street smarts.


-as with any human, guns, blades, and strong hits can take him out easily. His skills might be intimidating, but with the lack of armor, a good well placed hit is all that is needed to take him under.


-money, fighting, gambling, and Women


-mutants, and anything that gets in his way.


-calm, collected, deceiver, cunning, blunt, aggressive, one tracked, and a bit stubborn.

-Zane started out life normal. He had loving parents, a loving sister, and many friends. However, a few weeks after the bio-corb blast, he came home to find his parents dead, and a savage beast covered in blood. He tried to go after it, but ended up just getting a nasty gash to his cheek before it ran off. He looked around for his sister, in hopes she was alive. But instead, all he found were her torn clothes covered in even more blood. Whatever that beast was, it had killed his parents and eaten his sister!! he had heard “mutants” had been springing up across the city. Enraged at what they did to him, he swore he would get revenge.

A certain man, known as the mob boss Don Buton, took zane in and trained him in the ways of the assassin. Now with the skills and tools he needed to take on mutants, he adopted the new name “RedStar” and began his quest to kill the mutant that took everything from him. That, and any other mutants along the way. However, there was one mutant that might change all that, In all her red and blue glory... 

Caroline London (2017)

Name: Caroline London “Amazon”

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Height: 7’ 6” (amazon) - 4’ 8” (human) – 8'5” (Carol-Guy)

Weight: 197 Lb (amazon) – 102 Lb (human) – 237 Lb (Carol Guy)

Cup Size: Flat (human) – DD (amazon)

Species: Amazonian “mutant”

Birthday: July 28

Era From: Era 1 (2030 – 2036)

Occupation: Hero

Sexuality: Bisexual


-super strength and super durability. Caroline's body is build to be that of a perfect warrior's. Her bones are structured to be light-weight and very sturdy. The are very hard to beak, as they are able to absorb mass amounts of pressure before doing so. Her muscles are also genetically enhanced to be much stronger then a humans at the same level of build. Her skin is also held together much more strongly then that of a humans, so it is extremely hard to even lay a scratch on her.

-sticky pads on hands and feet to climb walls with. They produce a thin layer of a sticky substance that bonds to any surface. The substance is very strong, only being able to be removed by the strength of the amazon itself. The pads are constantly creating a new layer, though the amazon can temporally turn off production if they so please.

-increases flexibility and movement for quick attacks. An amazon's joints a made to be able to bend to extreme limits. It allows them to better absorb forces that might hurt them, as well as aiding them in combat.

-enhanced reflexes, senses, and emotions. An amazon, being a species of extremes, has fast reflexes to help them defend themselves in combat, and also dish out attacks at great speed. All their senses, from sight to smell to even touch, are increased to peak performance, allowing them to take in as much information as possible. Their emotions are even more so enhanced. Every emotion they feel is magnified to feel much stronger then if a human felt them. Even the slightest of emotions are felt as if it was their first time ever feeling it. Because of this, amazons tend to have extreme reactions to even minor things in life.

-increased healing and regeneration. An amazon can heal at over 10 times the speed of a human. The amount they can heal is also extreme. So long as they don't die, they can regrow any part of their body, as well as heal any part as well.

-average 300 year lifespan and enhanced youth. An amazon will not show signs of old age till the last few decades of their life. While 300 years is the average, it is possibly for them to live much longer if conditions are right.

-natural breeding cycles. While their cycles aren't at fixed time, an amazon will go into phases of extreme sexual desire when they have a strong emotional connection with a person of the opposite gender. During this time, their emotions become even more extreme, to the point the amazon can barely control the impulses the come with them. However, during this time they are extremely docile, and while they have strong urges to mate, the will wait till their partner is read before making any move to do so.

-their body types can change drastically depending on what they need to do. They can range from muscular to chubby, and switch between them rapidly.

-Increased Intelligence and learning ability

-night vision (eyes glow in the dark)

-long tongues

-sharp teeth


since her senses are super enhanced, sensory overload is an effective way to take her out. loud noises, extreme temperatures, bright lights and so on can lead to her being unable to cope with it, making her defenseless.


-nature, kindness, fruits and natural foods, people, love, good will, children, soft and/or fluffy objects, the colors blue and red, and exercise.


-over modernization, global warming, pollution, artificial foods, ill nature, rough and pointed textures, loud noises, extreme heat and cold, laziness, and people who are not accepting of other people’s differences.

Personality: kind, caring, active, loving, touchy, affectionate, intense, loyal, considerate, up-beat, though also anxious, worrisome, self conscious, regretful, shy, nervous, and overly hard on herself.

Caroline is very in tune with nature, and she prefers to be outside whenever possible. she is very kind and always understands a persons point of view, even if its not right. she doesn’t like conflict, but fights for justice to protect those in need. amazons being a species of extremes, everything about her is far more intense then that of a humans. from her size to her feelings, they are all greatly intense. this makes her quite a partner in a relationship, but also a fierce enemy if you get on her bad side.

Caroline always looked down on herself. She was very small and sickly, as well as soft spoken. She had great anxieties, and constantly doubted her abilities. She never really felt like she belonged everywhere, always being overshadowed by the people around her. However, one day she was kidnapped and taken to a top secret lab against her will. The last thing she could remember was being put into a tube. Over the course of a few months, she was experimented on, slowly changed and warped into the beast she is now. She was locked in her subconscious, unable to do anything but dream.

Though eventually, her tube opened and she was greeted to an a now abandoned lab. She slowly advanced out of her tube. With no memory of what had happened, or even who she was. She found her way out, looking for some signs of a civilization. Upon wandered through a forest and discovering her many new abilities, she made her way to the city of San Francisco, where she encountered so called heroes after some run ins with common criminals. Not knowing where to go with her life, she joined them in the hopes to find out more about who she was.

Though after many spoiler-filled adventures with the heroes, she was finally able to remember who she was. Though being herself again just brought back her issues, but with even greater force. She might not be small and sickly, but now she faced the issue of being an outcast. A beast too big to be able to fit in with the people she used to call her human peers. She also had to deal with the fact that she didn't see the world the same way any more. Everything she now experiences is a gush of emotion and detail. She found herself reacting in extreme ways for things she once shrugged off as small problems, and she also found herself falling to guilty pleasures that she would not have felt a need to try when human. Being an amazon had changed her life in ways she would never be able to understand. The world she knew could no longer be felt. Form then on she would see the world as an amazon. While eventually she was able to accept, and even enjoy her new life, she still found herself unable to truly become comfortable with everything she felt. Though in the end, she decided not to let that ruin her experiences. As for all, you only get one life to live. So might as well make the most of it.



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