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Eve Whitmore - Wild Vine by Inkblot123
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Just Letting it be known here as well, i have a patreon. there is no exclusive content, its just a means of commissioning me at lower rates. Its about half my Normal rates, so its quite a deal. While i do offer TF options, i also have Standard pin up options. you can get a full color full body pin up for only 15$, so if you like my character work then you should consider it.


Kelly Louis - Centiqueen

Name: Kelly Louis - Centiqueen

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Height: 5' 3” (human) – 21' in length (mutant)

Weight: 124 Lb (human) – 676 Lb (mutant)

Cup Size: Flat (human) – C (mutant)

Species: Centipede Mutant

Birthday: November 15th

Era From: Era 1 (2030 – 2036)

Occupation: Minor Villain

Sexuality: Straight, but is willing to experiment


-antenna that can detect minutiae vibrations in the air, allowing her to seek out prey with ease

-a centipede lower body that is super strong. It allows her to climb walls, constrict prey, and also protect from hard attacks.

-venomous saliva that can kill if she happens to bite someone.

-a primal form that comes out when she is near death. It gives her extra strength, durability, and stamina, along with extra eyes and arms, to give her one final chance. Though it comes at the cost of logical reasoning, leaving her running completely on impulse.


-while her centipede lower body gives her many threatening abilities, her human upper half is just as vulnerable as a normal human body. Attack her human body with everything you have and she will go down easy.


-blood death and destruction, and the suffering of the ones she attacks.


-not being able to commit the terror she craves, and anything and anyone that causes that.


-insane, ruthless, savage, vile, heartless, power hungry, destructive, impulsive, evil and extremely aggressive.

Kelly was always a very timid person,. Stuck working as a secretary, she had little self confidence and esteem. She wanted more out of her life but couldn't seem to find any way to make her dream a reality. However, after getting caught in a blast from a genetics research lab, she finally started to feel alive, turning into the person she always dreamed she could be.

     But these changes came at a cost. Not only did she change into a centipede monster, but she also lost all touch with reality, devolving into a chaos loving beast. Along with her army of giant mutant centipedes, the newly christenedCentiqueenset her sights on turning the world to ruin, one city at a time. Along the way she met many others that seemed to (partly) share her dream of destruction. So with the occasional job from said people, she now spends her days bringing death and pain to those who happen to cross her path.

Eve Whitmore - Wild Vine

Name: Eve Whitmore - Wild Vine

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Height: 7' 9" (from head to roots)

Weight: 312 Lb

Cup Size: C

Species: Alraune (plant muntat)

Birthday: October 25

Era From: Era 1 (2030 – 2036)

Location: Miami Florida

Occupation: ???

Sexuality: ???

Abilities: ???

Weakness: ???

Likes: ???

Dislikes: ???

Personality: ???

Susan Tallor - Harpy

Name: Susan Tallor - Harpy

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Height: 5’ 6" (human) - 6' (harpy)

Weight: 152 Lb (human) - 169 Lb (harpy)

Cup Size: A

Species: Mutant - Falcon (altered)

Birthday: April 17th

Era From: Era 1 (2030 – 2036)

Occupation: Minor Villain

Sexuality: Straight


- Harpy Has Hollow bones and strong arm muscles to enable flight.

-her lungs have been expanded to allow extra air into her system.

-her feathers are super strong to be able to lift her larger form.

- her legs are incredibly durable to keep them safe when landing from large heights. her talons are sharp and strong to enable her to grab onto ledges and walls with ease.

-her upper lip has become that of a beak, to give more leverage and biting power.

-her hands and fingers are covered by her wing feathers, the feathers attached to fingers are extra strong, as a way to grab things when not in flight.



-late night fun, men, reading, hanging out with girl friends (not girlfriends), her fiance, and jewelry


-shiny things.



-taxes, casual wear, the country, spicy food, desk work, and long stairs


-not shiny things.



-calm, caring, independent, strong willed, determined, self supporting, driven and lustful


-mad, illogical, insane, shattered, lost, broken, irrational, beastly and feral.   

susan had it all once. she had money, and man, and as much jewelry a woman would want. but apparently that wasn't enough, as she cheated on her fiance just weeks before their wedding. when her husband found out, she ran off, in fear of what he might say. though through a terrible twist of fate, that very night the bio-corp blast struck, mutating her. over the next few days, she watched as her womanly figure changed to that of an ugly harpy. Consumed by guilt and terror, she went insane. her human mind feel deep into her subconscious, leaving only fragmented aspects of her former self and the feral instincts of a harpy. driven by only crazed impulses, the new harpy went on her way to collect all the shiny things she could, her necklace being the only trace of her human self left. She caused much annoyance for the heroes, and fear swept over as they worried if they would ever be able to save her from the monster she had become.

Brittney Joules

Name: Brittney Joules

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Height: 7' 3"

Weight: 259 Lb

Cup Size: DDD

Species: Improved human + Electric Elemental Mutation

Birthday: August 23rd

Era From: Era 3 (2060 – ????)

Location: Varies

Occupation: Synthex Agent (risky encounters)

Sexuality: Straight


-Electrical Powers. Is able to shoot bolts from her body, as well as absorb electricity to boost her own powers.

-Super Strength.

-Extremely enhanced regeneration abilities.

-Enhanced Senses and Reaction Time.

-Enhanced Durability and Endurance.

Weakness: While Brittney is made to be hard to take down, she isn't as indestructible as the likes of Supernova.  While it might be risky, dealing enough damage quickly can be too much for her enhanced regeneration to keep up.  Also getting her to use her electrical powers can also drain her, so with enough time she can be worn out and rendered incapacitated.

Likes: Synthex, her mother, helping others, athletics, working out.

Dislikes: Muscular dystrophy, harming others, fighting, Janice & Rebecca

Personality: Caring, Determined, Strong-Willed, Courageous, Loving, Kind, and Focused


"I'm offering you the deal of a lifetime!"

The man before Brittney spoke with a loud and enthusiastic manner.  He wore a white lab coat, black dress pants, and a blue polo shirt.  He was tall, had black hair, and a look on his face that made Brittney uneasy.  He didn’t seem like your average joe, but the deal he was offering was too good to not hear him out. He seemed more excited than she was, and that was saying something considering what he was offering the frail young woman.

"Were giving you your life back!  With this procedure, you would not only be able to walk again, but you would gain powers beyond your comprehension!"

Brittney was a little off put by the man's wording, but a chance to cure her muscular dystrophy wasn’t something that came up every day.  She had been diagnosed with the disease when she was a child.  Now at the ripe old age of twenty-seven, she was nearing the end of her rope.  She had lost her ability to move her arms and legs, was beginning to have trouble breathing, and talking was becoming more difficult as well.  It was a miracle that she had lasted this long, but her time was running out.

"What exactly are you going to do to me?" she asked with a concerned tone.

"Well, to put it simply, we are going to rewrite your DNA, so that instead of destroying your muscles, your body will make them grow tenfold!.  That, plus some other nifty abilities..." he said smugly as he adjusted his glasses.  He seemed like the kind of guy who would be a villain in one of those anime she had heard so much about.  Whatever it was he was offering to do to her, it wasn't for her sake.  He clearly wanted something from her, and helping her was just a means of getting it.  Brittney's fears were confirmed when he mentioned the "cost" of the procedure.

"Unfortunately, in order to help you, we need you to help us," he said in a rather cold and blunt tone.  "We are trying to help humanity," he proclaimed, "much like we are offering to help you. We have the power to cure all disease, let people live to over two hundred, and give them power they could only dream of!"  He raised his fist to the sky as he continued on.  Every word he spoke had an air of impact, as if his company was on level ground with god himself.  

"But, the world isn't quite ready for that it seems.  If we cure you, we will need you to help us with our mission.  We face some... unique challenges in our line of work," he said as his voice softened, as though he was hiding from someone or something, “and we would need your help in dealing with them. You would have to leave your old life, disconnect with family and friends, and devote the rest of your life to us."

Brittney didn't like the sound of that.  The pieces were starting to come together.  A decade or two ago, super human monsters started popping up, the so-called mutant pandemic.  This man was obviously connected to it in some way.  His promise of power and health could only come from some sort of horrible curse...

But Brittney didn't have much time left.  The doctors gave her a year at most.  Her mother had taken care of her all this time since her deadbeat dad left them shortly after the diagnosis.  Brittney didn't want to make her live through losing someone else.  While disconnecting from her would definitely be hard for both of them, disappearing at least gave her the hope she could still be alive.  If Brittney didn't take this offer, her mother would have to cope with her only daughter's death.  She couldn’t stand the thought of leaving her alone, but maybe, just maybe, this would give her a better chance to be with her for longer.

"I... I'll do it,” She said with an unease sigh.  "I want to live, for my mother's sake."

"Good," the man said with a sly smile.  "I'll make the preparations."


The Lab was cold and dark, with machinery of all kinds covering the room.  In the middle was a large round tank, with tubes and computers hooked up to it from all angles.  As the men rolled Brittney's wheelchair up to the large container, she couldn't help but feel she had bitten off more than she could chew.

"It's too late to back out now..." she thought as the men began to prep the chamber.

"We will need to remove your gown before you enter the vessel," the man beside her said with a smile.  He had been walking next to her on the way to the lab, wearing the same long lab coats everyone else was. However, the ID he wore on his coat was a different color than the others.  He must have been important; maybe the head of this operation, or someone of note.

"You guys want to get off while you work, right?" Brittney said sarcastically.  

     The man chuckled at the comment.  "We need to have a good visual for the changes going on.  We don't want you growing a third arm or extra legs."

"I could grow a third arm!?!" she said rather frantically, cutting off the nice man.

"I was joking," the man said with another chuckle.  "Don't worry, we all want what's best for you."  Brittney looked over at the Synthex executive loudly yelling at some of his employees. Her gaze returned to the man with a raised eyebrow.  

"Well, most of us anyway," he said with a shrug. "Trust me, you'll be overjoyed by what you will be able to do when we are done."

As he finished talking, the man picked up a tablet on the table next to him.  He began checking various numbers, charts, and statistics that Brittney couldn't understand, presumably details on whatever it was they were going to do to her.  While he checked that, another scientist walked in front of her and began removing her robe, which wasn't much of a challenge as her small frame barely fit the massive robe.  Brittney wondered why they used such a large one considering she was barely five feet tall, but she didn't give it much thought, as it seemed things were getting started.

Two scientists wearing black lab coats walked over to the computer station next to the tank, and began entering commands at lightning speed. The glass surrounding the chamber raised up, revealing the metal bottom. The men then walked over to Brittney and lifted her from her wheelchair.  They carried her into the chamber, and laid her down before walking back over to the computer.  In the background, men and women ran over to various machines in the room, checking to make sure everything was in order.  The cold metal floor of the chamber gave Brittney the feeling of a horror movie, in which she was the first victim.  Her short hair sprayed out around her head in a fan like formation, almost looking like a crown or halo.  She couldn't move, she could barely see what was going on around her.  Suddenly the sound of electrical buzzing filled the air.  The scientists began chattering at each other as the glass slowly lowered back into its original position.  The room came to a standstill as the equipment lit up and the procedure started.

A low gurgling sound echoed through the room as a thick, blue liquid began to flow into the chamber.  It poured in from the many tubes connected to the tank, slowly covering up the bottom and rising up.  Brittney began to freak out. The men hadn't given her anything to breathe with.  The liquid began to cover her body, moving up her head, covering up her features one by one.  Brittney held her breath as the liquid completely encased her, and continued to climb up the tank.  It felt rather warm, and as it raised Brittney's limp body began to float. Soon the tank was completely filled and she was left floating in the center.  She couldn't hold her breath much longer, and with a sudden gasp, she inhaled the liquid.

However, she could still breath.  A confused look came across her face as she took another deep breath.  While it was certainly a lot harder to do so, she found that breathing it wasn’t much different from breathing the air outside the tank.  Oxygen still flowed into her blood, and she was very much alive and well.  In fact, she felt even better then when she was outside.  It was as if the liquid was richer in Oxygen then the air itself!

The men at the computers called out to the others, giving some kind of signal.  They input more commands, and a yellow fluid began to flow into the tank, which then mixed with the blue slime to become greenish in color.  The two fluids must have reacted with each other, as Brittney found that the bath became less thick.  As she inhaled the mixture, a sudden feeling of unease came over her.

Suddenly, her body spazzed and shook as pain took hold over it. The fluid began to be absorbed in her lungs, and her muscles started to pulse and warp as her whole body started to expand.  Bones wiggled and stretched, flesh was pulled and grew as her muscles became larger.  Her hair began to grow out, her breasts swelled from a flat A cup to a D, then DD, and even bigger still!  Her limbs lengthened, her torso expanded, while the pain continued to echo through her body.  She tried to scream, but the strange fluid that was changing her prevented anything but a few bubbles from escaping.

As Brittney's body warped, the scientists at the computers kept track of her vitals. The man with unique ID looked to the back of the room.  There, the executive that offered Brittney the procedure stood.  He had a crooked smile on his face, clearly quite pleased with the process despite the agony it inflicted on Brittney. The ID man shook his head in disgust as he turned to look back at Brittney.  

"Raise the concentration of mutagen," he shouted to the two scientists in black.  They nodded in response as the input more commands. They needed to speed up the transformation; otherwise, there was a distinct possibility she would go into cardiac arrest before it concluded.

Brittney's body began to surge with electricity, as new organs began to form inside her. Her eyes changed from a mild green to bright yellow, glowing as the final changes took form. Brittney's muscles had gone from barely alive to ripped!  Her body Had not only healed them, but made them grow far past their normal state, becoming massive.  Her body had grown to fit their size as well.  She had gone from a small 5' 2" to a huge 7' 3".  The pain she felt began to subside.  In its place a surge of power enveloped every ounce of her body, and it felt GOOD!  Instinctively, she flexed, unleashing a huge surge of electricity that shot through the liquid, out of the tank, and bolted through the room. The scientists stepped back as their machinery was fried!

As the changes came to an end the tank began to drain.  Brittney lowered to the bottom as the remainder of the green fluid drained into holes on the bottom of the tank. She coughed up what little fluid remained in her lungs, and sat still for a second.  The many scientists looked at her in awe of their experiment's success.  The room was silent as they waited to see what Brittney would do next.

Brittney looked down at herself.  She could hardly tell she was the same scrawny girl that had gotten into the tank just minutes before.  She was an amazon!  Powerful and strong, she could feel every ounce of her might.  Slowly, she stood up for the first time in years.  Drips of sweat and slime fell from her body as she gazed upon the crowd of scientist before her.

Finally, one stepped out from the rest. The very same one that had offered this transformation to her. Like a gentleman, he offered the gown she wore before the procedure. Looking at it compared to her new size, it suddenly made a lot of sense why it was so large.

"Welcome to Synthex!" he greeted her with outstretched arms and a devilish smile...



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